“Washington Moment”: How Anand Mahindra, Mukesh Ambani Bumped Into Sunita Williams

    Washington Moment

    On Sunday morning, the Mahindra Group chairman shared a glimpse of “what they would call a ‘Washington moment'”.

    Mukesh Ambani and Anand Mahindra were among the Indian businessmen who attended the US State Dinner held in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington DC. After the grand dinner, the two business tycoons even joined the likes of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook in the East Room of the White House on Friday for an India-US Hi-Tech Handshake meeting. Throughout his US visit, the Mahindra group chairman kept his fans and followers on Twitter updated with pictures and videos from the events. One such picture which made its way to his Twitter account was a selfie featuring not just Mr Mahindra and Mr Ambani but also NASA astronaut Sunita Williams. 

    On Sunday morning, the Mahindra Group chairman shared a glimpse of “what they would call a ‘Washington moment'”. In the caption, he said that while he and Mr Ambani were engaged in a conversation with US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and 3rdiTech co-founder Vrinda Kapoor when they lost track of time and missed the shuttle that was supposed to take them to their next lunch engagement. They were therefore trying to hail an Uber when they ran into NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, who was also part of the India-US Hi-Tech Handshake meeting.

    “I suppose this was what they would call a ‘Washington moment'” Mr Mahindra wrote in the caption. 

    “After the tech handshake meeting yesterday, Mukesh Ambani, Vrinda Kapoor & I were continuing a conversation with the Secretary of Commerce & missed the group shuttle bus to the next lunch engagement. We were trying to call an Uber when we ran into NASA astronaut Sunita Williams @Astro_Suni Time for a selfie & we also asked if we could hitch a ride on her space shuttle instead of an Uber…” Mr Mahindra added.

    Shared just a few hours back, the post has already accumulated more than 454,000 views and over 27,000 likes. Internet users flooded the comment section with all kinds of reactions. 

    “Powerful Selfie Anand Ji,” wrote one user. “A Washington moment indeed, what an honor for @Uber to have the greatest sons of India hitching a ride with them,” commented another. 

    A third said, “Great personalities and the pride of India in one frame” while another added, “What a cool selfie sir”. 

    Meanwhile, previously Anand Mahindra had shared pictures of the mesmerising art displayed inside the grand White House. “Back in the White House this morning for the ‘Tech Handshake’ meeting’ Soaking in the heritage atmosphere of the rooms named by their colours. The most poignant Presidential portrait is of JFK. Painted posthumously and a pensive pose unlike the others,” read the caption.

    Courtesy: NDTV

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