Infibeam Avenues Ltd unveils video AI developer platform called THEIA

    Infibeam Avenues | Video AI developer platform anmed THEIA

    Reportedly, THEIA platform enables selecting of key frames of a video stream through its video processing module

    Infibeam Avenues Ltd, a listed AI-powered fintech company, has announced the unveiling of its artificial intelligence (AI) product, called THEIA, which’s a video AI developer platform. 

    According to an official release, THEIA empowers organisations to harness the power of AI video analysis for applications in areas such as sports analytics, media optimisation, traffic management, crowd control, insurance claims processing, optimisation of manufacturing units, retail stores, among others. It’s believed that Infibeam’s THEIA plays a role of providing a platform that works as a “framework” designed to provide advanced object detection and classification capabilities, model training, video processing by using the pool of (organisation’s) video data. 

    Reportedly, THEIA platform provides benefits such as selecting key frames of a video stream through its video processing module, which uses in-house AI models to select relevant key frames, choosing the right set of models, using its autonomous AI agents that do model orchestration and select the right set of expert models, along with it video understanding module providing a standard output interface such that any downstream application can consume this data and build on top of it. For developers, the THEIA platform can be used to leverage knowledge of analytics, coding, or python. Sources suggest that the platform supports natural language coding, allowing developers to create applications (App) using conversational language (natural language). Moreover, for data scientists and machine learning (ML) experts, the THEIA is understood to allow them to create proprietary AI models.  

    “I think recent advancements in AI have enabled businesses to extract insights from unstructured data, including natural language, images, and audio. As we continue to push the boundaries of AI, I believe the next milestone is video understanding. We aim to be pioneers in this field, and we expect to capture a major market share in this video AI market globally,” Rajesh Kumar SA, CEO, Phronetic.AI, an AI business unit of Infibeam Avenues Ltd, said.  

    Courtesy: FinancialExpress

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